Founded by native Seattleites, Joe and Matt Monda, Promondo is a boutique construction company grateful for the opportunity to help participate in the re-building of modern-day Seattle.



Co-Owner Joe Monda

Co-Owner Joe Monda

Born and raised in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, Joe received a degree in history from Seattle University, which ultimately led to a career in construction due to his fascination with Seattle's landmark real estate, such as the Loveless Building, where he served as the classic edifice's manager and head of maintenance. His passion for property preservation evolved into a boutique maintenance and remodel business serving the new generation of entrepreneurs in downtown Seattle, South Lake Union, Fremont and Ballard as well as native Seattleites and their homes in Queen Anne, Magnolia, Capitol Hill, Madison Park and Madrona.

Co-Owner Matt "Mateo" Monda

Co-Owner Matt "Mateo" Monda

After graduating from the University of Washington, Matt moved south of the border, where he came to be known as the pioneer of gourmet coffee in Western México when he founded Mondo Caffé in Guadalajara, the country's second largest city. "Mateo" participated in everything from concept, design, construction, operation and maintenance of the espresso bars and restaurants he built on college campuses, in commercial centers and in business districts throughout the city. After selling the business in the late 2000's, Mateo returned to his native Seattle and joined forces with his brother, Joe, in the development and growth of Promondo.


Team Members

Liz Murphy
Valeria Montes
                      Sherrie Vigil                        

Project Management
                 Steve MacAulay                  Brian Towers

Marc O'Brien

Mike Lindsley
Mike Loder
                Joshua Spangenberg                                       José Mendoza                                        Jeremy Swenson                Juan José Tuscano

David North

Painting & Fine Finishes
Job Quintana
Juan Molina
                        Jorge Duran                          Alvaro Martinez  



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